My husband Jon will joke that he is not going to get in the way of the wave that is me. He pretends that I am the one influencing the tides. Truth be told, he is in denial of his role in the madness. Last month, I received a text from Susie Coston as I was going down the stairs and he was going up.

Me: “Susie says there is a calf at Brooklyn Animal Care Center” (That’s all I said).

Jon (Without a moment passing): “Okay, I’ll get the trailer hooked up and go get him.”

Me: “Oh…okay?!!!!”

I was going to have a hot date with my man transporting a calf. Ride the wave I would!

Tracey and Jon on the way to rescue Westley

Westley had been rescued from slaughter by a woman in Queens who overheard a conversation between people who were planning on slitting the calf’s neck. She convinced them to turn the calf over to her. She whisked Westley off to the safety of her row home’s small backyard and then began trying to find a proper home for him. Unfortunately, everyone she called said they could not take the calf until he was weaned from his bottle. And so, Westley began to moo and the neighbors began to lose sleep. One neighbor soon reported the cow’s existence to NYC’s Animal Care Centers. We pulled up to ACC just as their field manager, Robert Valles, was arriving with Westley.

Westley's snoot!

Once Westley was loaded safely into our trailer, Jon asked if there was a store nearby where we could get him some milk. One of the staff members started to say, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to give him human food…” and then stopped herself when she realized what she was saying.

Westley is now safe and sound at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen until he finds his forever home through Farm Sanctuary’ s Adoption Network. For the rest of his life, he will be celebrated for the individual he is. His days will consist of friends, grazing, jumping, love, and sweet freedom.


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