I can still remember my siblings and I sitting at the dinner table, our cheeks wet with tears. We were not going to get dessert unless we ate our greens. We really, really wanted dessert but we really, really, really, didn’t want to eat our greens. Even as an adult, who had learned to enjoy vegetables, I was still much more receptive to the idea of dessert. It wasn’t until I truly understood what greens do for me that I embraced them with the same love I had for sweets and even grew to prefer them. ?

Why is it so important? Greens are a monster powerhouse in protecting and repairing our endothelial cells because they are loaded with antioxidants and help to create the powerful gas nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a critical chemical compound in your body that is released by cells in your arteries, signaling muscle fibers in your cell walls to relax and allow more blood to flow.

People have confided in me that preparing green leafy vegetables can be a hassle, so I tell them “Buck UP!!” Just kidding, I know it can be cumbersome preparing fresh food but eating your green leafy vegetables is SOOOO important. With some fresh techniques and a new attitude, you can not only enjoy eating your leafy greens but enjoy preparing them too! You know what else can be difficult? Finding a cartoon of kale stripping. There’s probably a good reason for that. I made my own. Sorry!

I have committed to eating at least 4 fistfuls of green leafy vegetables each day. I believe taking care of my endothelial cells is essential! I’ve found the following method to be super easy.

Step 1:

I like to do my veggies in bulk. I line them all up on the counter and give them a good washing. My kitchen is all at once lush and green.

Step 2:

I learned to strip my green leafies from Jane and Ann Esselstyn. You pinch where the green leaves meet the naked stem, and then quickly and firmly continue pinching up the stem, causing the leaves to separate from the stem. Witnessing all the work that goes into growing these beauties makes me more mindful about using every bit.

Step 3:

I like to use a big pot so I can prepare a lot of greens at once. This way, I can store what I don’t eat right away in the refrigerator for later. I don’t even use a steamer. I simply cover the bottom of the pot with about an inch of water then add the greens for a soak and steam.

Step 4:

Cover and steam for as long as it takes for the greens to become the consistency you like. I generally do 5-7 minutes.

Step 5:

If you use a steamer, this step isn’t necessary. I use a slotted spoon or tongs.

Step 6:

I like to drown my greens in nutritional yeast. You can never have too much nooch. Bring on the B12!!!!!!

Step 7:

Stir in the nutritional yeast through the greens so you get some umami in every bite.

Now, add them to everything!

Don’t feel like steaming your greens? Add them raw to all your sandwiches and burritos! It’s really important. You can do it!!

**Please note that I am sharing my own personal experience. Please consult your physician before making your own lifestyle change**


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