1. Winter Wrapping Gift Set by Lisel Ashlock
There doesn’t even have to be a present when you wrap with Lisel’s designs!!!!!!!

2. Lay Flat Notebook
Pure and simple- this notebook is a pleasure to hold and write in!

3. Vegan Leather Zip Pouch
Great colors and lots of sizes!

4. Dog Collection Circle Print by Lisel Ashlock
Lisel’s artwork is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

5. doTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash
What do you do when you have the scent of male goat on your hands? Wash with doTERRA hand wash and breathe in the sexy scent.

6. Essential Oil Diffuser
What do you do when your office smells of duck poop? Pop some lavender and peppermint in the ol’ diffuser.

7. Save The Ducks Women’s Fury Reversible Jacket
Great styles, so comfortable, and no ducks harmed.

8. Love Jones Candle by Freres Branchiaux
The three young men that created this great product line aren’t just smart, they’re generous!

9. Cozy Cave Pet Snoozer
Wilbur, Arthur, Pugsley, Scout, Dipper, and Smudge say this is the greatest bed in the universe.

10. This is a painting that we received from artist Aimee Hoover, along with the donation to our Farm to Every Table Program. Anything made with love is the best gift of all!


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