Just because kids won’t be packing a lunchbox for a bit doesn’t mean they can’t get creative about the lunchbox they plan to bring in the future. And who says a lunchbox has to house a lunch anyway? Decorate your box and use it to store special cards, letters, photos, art supplies, toys, souvenirs …you name it!

What you will need:

  • Plain White Tin Lunchbox
  • Collage Images
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge


CHOOSE your favorite images to cover your lunchbox – use the template below or find your own in magazines, books, photographs, etc. The images in our templates were actually all taken from vintage school textbooks!

CUT out the images you have chosen and LAY them in place on your lunchbox.

GLUE the images down in place – we chose to overlap our images to avoid seeing any white from the tin.

COVER the whole lunchbox with mod podge – this adds a protective layer over the paper images and helps to keep them stuck down in place.

ALLOW your lunchbox to dry completely before adding any food inside and then PACK it up to take to school.

Click on the templates below to print the images»

Collage Lunchbox cut out template. Download this to make your own lunchbox.
Collage Lunchbox cut out template 2. Download this to make your own lunchbox.


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