The Foster Charm Bracelet

Did Do Unto Animals inspire you to try Virtual Adoption? We hope it did! If you’ve got all the furry friends at home that you can handle, or if you’re not in a position to adopt, Virtual Adoption is the perfect solution to help you make a difference for animals in need at your local shelter.

Read the book and learn all four steps of the Virtual Adoption process. Once you’ve reached the end, it’s time to celebrate your good work! Make a Foster Charm Bracelet using Shrinky Dink images of the animals you have helped and wear it on your wrist with pride.

** More information on the Virtual Adoption process can be found in Do Unto Animals **


  • Printed photos of dogs and cats
  • Shrink film sheets
  • Colored string
  • Hole punch
  • Charm attachments
  1. Example of pet photos to use with shrink filmCOLLECT photos of animals. Remember the photos are likely to shrink to half size when heated.
  2. FOLLOW the directions on the package to transfer the photo onto shrink film paper.
  3. CUT around each photo and PLACE onto a tray covered in aluminum foil.
  4. FOLLOW the directions on the shrink film package to heat your photos and allow them to harden.
  5. PUNCH a small hole in your photo creations once they have hardened and cooled.
  6. THREAD your jewelry ring through the hole and SLIDE the rings onto your string to make your bracelet.


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