Dog-ese & Cat-ese: Learn To Speak Their Language

Do you want to practice dog-ese and cat-ese? Use our bradded dog and bradded cat templates to cut, assemble and bring these cuties to life. Just like humans, each animal has his own way of communicating. In Do Unto Animals, Tracey teaches us how to understand the movements of our dogs and cats and, combined with Lisel’s amazing illustrations, we learn to speak their language.

We’ve put together this bradded dog and cat duo to help you practice dog-ese and cat-ese. Use the information in the book to match the animal’s body language with his emotion. Learn to tell if a dog is feeling nervous, friendly or playful, and whether a cat is feeling relaxed, frightened, or is simply in hunting mode. Once you’ve identified each emotion, use our bradded animals to emulate their movements. If only learning other foreign languages could be this cute!



Supplies Needed for Bradded Cat & Dog Craft

  1. DOWNLOAD and PRINT the dog and cat templates onto white cardstock.
  2. CUT the pieces out of the template and LAY them flat on the table.
  3. PLACE the pieces identified as “front pieces” at the front of the body, and the pieces identified as “back pieces” at the back of the body.
  4. USE the sharp end of your brad (or a one-hole punch) to poke holes through the circles identified on the template. ATTACH the corresponding pieces until your animal is completely constructed.

** More details and illustrations of dog-ese and cat-ese can be found in Do Unto Animals **


This game has replaced the game “celebrity” in our house as it can be played in a similar manner and always ends with sore bellies from laughter.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Read Do Unto Animals and learn all about dog-ese and cat-ese.
  2. Write all emotions of a dog or cat onto individual cards and place them into a bucket.
  3. Choose a player to start. Pick a card out of the bucket and use your bradded dog or cat to show the emotion.
  4. Show the rest of the group your bradded dog or cat and have them guess the emotion.
  5. Once the emotion has been guessed correctly, choose another and repeat!


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