Here at the Squeal we have the luxury of watching the beautiful connection between sisters Anna and Maybelle everyday. These gals have been through so much and no doubt have given each other the strength to get through the rough patches.

Recently, we became aware of another truly remarkable pair of human sisters, Natalie and Hannah Gorsegner.

Anna and Maybelle with Natalie and Hannah

Back on August 16, 2012 Natalie Gorsegner was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia just before her 3rd birthday. The diagnosis meant Natalie would undergo aggressive chemotherapy treatments that were painful, lengthy and incredibly debilitating. Natalie’s mom, Andrea, quit her job in publishing to be there for her girls and additionally, began fundraising, advocating and supporting other young cancer patients and their families via the Facebook page, Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer.

Touching pigs snout

Throughout it all Hannah, Natalie’s 9 year-old sister, has been there for her sister in ways that speak to her compassion, strength and bravery. She started by donating the contents of her piggy bank (multiple times) and on October 22, 2014 she had her head shaved on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. “I wanted to inspire kids with cancer,” she said, “I didn’t want them to stand alone.” Hannah donated her long red hair to Wigs for Kids. And even after having been teased for her new hairless look, that hasn’t stopped Hannah from doing it every year since.

Playing with goats and other farm animals

Nothing is going to keep these brave girls down. Hannah and Natalie are fighters! They inspired incredibly talented singer-song writer, Taylor Tote, to write a song with them. Last summer, Taylor was babysitting the girls when they wrote the song “Fighter.” When mom and dad arrived home, the girls performed their song. As you can imagine the tears they did flow.

Petting a pig!

Fast forward a year and the song has been professionally recorded and a music video has been produced which stars not only Taylor, but Natalie, Hannah and 15 other fabulous childhood cancer fighters/survivors, along with the very awesome Middletown Fire Department.

When we heard that Natalie and Hannah loved animals we thought it only made sense to get the sisters together with our gals. And so a few weeks ago, on the 2 year anniversary of Natalie being cancer free, Anna and Maybelle enjoyed a beautiful fall day on the farm with the entire Gorseger family. The girls immediately hit it off and even started singing a song about how pigs rule the world. We think a second song might have to be in the works. Nate, Bob, Barry, Eliza, Romey, Harper, Avery, Levi, Dana and Hope also got in on the action, running through the open fields with the girls.

Tracey showing how to give a pig a belly rub!

We hope you enjoy the 4-minute video of Taylor’s song, “Fighter.” Make sure to share it and download the song on iTunes. Every penny raised through sales of the song will fund vital childhood cancer research. Let’s help this video go viral!!! Go Brave Girls Go!


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