Halloween Coloring Contest Update

Maggie gave her class a coloring sheet of Anna and asked everyone to draw the costume they think she would wear for Halloween. Check out this animation showcasing some of their creative ideas!

Hope you enjoy this animation! My classmates and I had a bunch of fun doing the artwork! —Love, Maggie

Costumes in order of appearance: Bengal Cat, Angel, Unicorn, Black Cat, Devil, Colorful Unicorn, Rainbow Unicorn, Black Cat Ballerina, Rainbow, Mascot Unicorn, Veggie Dog and Black Unicorn.

Color your own Anna for a chance to win prizes!

We’re all for a little scare this time of year, except when it comes to our animal friends. Here are some quick tips to keep everyone safe as you celebrate this frightful holiday:

  • Most animals prefer not to wear a costume.
    If you do dress up your animal friend, be sure that it doesn’t inhibit their movement, breathing, vision, hearing and that there aren’t any parts they could chew off or ingest. Supervise them at all times when wearing a costume.

  • Hide your treats! Candy is not for animals.
    All forms of chocolate and xylitol can be toxic or even lethal.

  • Before trick-or-treaters arrive, bring your animals to a safe place away from the door.
    Your door will be opening and closing all night long to strangers in costumes who may be excitedly shouting for candy.

  • Don’t leave animals out in the yard.
    The neighborhood will likely be noisier than usual and someone could accidentally open your gate. Ghouls and pranksters abound!

  • Keep the jack-o-lanterns in a safe place.
    Animals can easily knock over a lit pumpkin and start a fire. Curious animals could burn themselves on an open flame.


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